An Iranian Birthday Party

When invited to a birthday party for an Iranian one-year-old, it is important to remember to dress to the nines.

As my husband, daughter and I arrived to the event I immediately realized that our baggy jeans and t-shirts were out of place. All around us were elegantly dressed women with pearl necklaces, Gucci handbags and high heels. I looked uncomfortably at my faded jeans and Uggs more than a few times. Some of the men in attendance wore three-piece suits that had me fantasizing about instituting weekly formal dinners at our house.

Even the little girls wore tiny party gowns. My three-year-old daughter’s khaki pants didn’t stop her from dancing with all of the women though. I loved watching her dance what appeared to be (to me) a cross between a hula and belly dance– but totally classy in the way they undulated their arms in slow waves, gentle and relaxing but smiling and happy.

We had a great time but I will have to remember to put on a dress and heels next year.


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