Japanese dinner party

Recently, I’ve realized that ever since my daughter was born nearly three years ago I have no social life. To remedy this, I’ve joined a group on MeetUp. It’s for people interested in Japanese culture and we go and eat out at various ethnic restaurants. My first dinner was last night and it was at a middle eastern restaurant called Jerusalem.

So picture this: A middle eastern restaurant packed with Yarmulke-wearing men. Except for one large table filled with a dozen young Japanese engineers. And at that table there is one middle-aged Caucasian female going at a plate piled high with meat. That would be me. It was great.
I’m not exclusively interested in Japanese culture but I go to a Japanese grocery store almost every Sunday and look for interesting new things to eat. At the same shopping center they also have Japanese restaurants and a Japanese bakery which sells the craziest breads you can imagine. My favorite is the bread topped with fried mashed potatoes (don’t get the wrong idea, I eat healthy the rest of the week and work out fourish days a week). The shopping center also has a great bookstore where I’ve learned to love Haruki Murakami, Ruth Ozeki and other Japanese authors.
At dinner last night I noticed everybody shaking their phones vigorously and asked what was up. Apparently the latest and greatest new social media app is called Line and you add friends to it by shaking your phones vigorously together. I made my husband get the app and we shook our phones to connect. That was the last time I used that app– but I refuse to delete it from my phone.

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