“Lean In” my ass

I recently got a promotion at work. I am now Project Manager (yay!). After having received my MBA five years ago I will finally be using it to open a psychiatric hospital. When I was told I would be receiving a 10% raise I thought of all the stories on NPR about how women never negotiate their salaries. So I said, “Is that negotiable?”

“What amount were you thinking of?” Our regional administrator asked.

In truth, I didn’t really care. I work at a non-profit for altruistic reasons, not for a big paycheck (as evidenced by my actual paycheck). But I’d already opened my stupid mouth.

“Twenty percent?” I tried to sound confident.

“There’s no way Corporate would approve that,” she said nicely. “But if there’s a reason you think you should get more let me know and I’ll run it by them.” At least she didn’t laugh at me.

A few days later I was signing the paperwork for the promotion and our HR Manager told me she was surprised I was getting so much of a raise. “It’s usually only four or five percent,” she said. “Why are you laughing?”

“Because I asked for more!” I snorted through my hands that were covering my face. “I was trying to Lean In!”

In truth, like many women, I have no concept of money. I’m not at all wealthy, I just never really learned the value of a dollar. My husband is acutely aware and whenever I buy something he asks how much it costs. It’s such a douchey thing to say that I have to give him shit for it. But in truth, I really hope my daughter inherits his stinginess. The world doesn’t need more stereotypically female frivolous spenders. Like me.


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