Let’s complain about customer service together!

You have to admit, bad customer service is usually pretty funny. It’s just unfortunate you have to pay for it.

I go to Jamba Juice a few times a week for my 16 ounce Pomegranate Paradise. The staff there know me pretty well but one of the employees insists on calling me “Heather”. This was our conversation this morning:

Jamba Employee: “Good morning Heather! How are you?”

Me: “Um, my name is Hilary.”

J.E.: “Good!”

I don’t have anything profound to say about this. I’m just a little disappointed at how some people can give the impression of good customer service by being friendly and energetic when they’re really just on autopilot. I like a little authenticity with my smoothie.

I do enjoy a good (re: bad) customer service story though. I’ve been known to peruse the Yelp reviews for entertainment purposes ( I highly recommend reading the reviews for Gilbert’s in Monterey, California). So, what’s your worst customer service story? I would genuinely love to hear it!


One thought on “Let’s complain about customer service together!

  1. One time I went to a new salon to get my hair cut and the stylist wouldn’t stop talking on her cell phone on what sounded like a personal call. She motioned for me to sit in the chair at her booth and then put the cape on me while on the phone. I sat there waiting while she stood behind me, yakking away, until finally I ripped off the cape and fled.

    And then there was that time my sisters and I ate at Gilbert’s in Monterey and the waiter refused to look at any of us, even while we were ordering our food …

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