10 Things about me

Here are a few things I would like everyone to know about me:

1. I did a Brazilian martial art called Capoiera for ten years. While it’s been over a decade since I’ve trained I look back at those years as some of the most important of my life. It was there that I found many lifelong friends and learned important social skills that I somehow missed out on earlier in my life. I was also able to travel to Brazil and Russia with this group. However, do not count on me in a fight – I will resort to hair pulling.

2. I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and an MBA. I use neither in my life but I am still paying for my student loans. It’s like my husband says though, it’s all about the work ethic you develop in school, not the information you receive.

3. I had a monthly opinion column in my hometown paper when I was 19. I once wrote an article titled How to Treat Your Waitress that got more hate mail then any other column in the paper’s history. Actually, I’m just guessing that fact but I’m sure I’m right. The day the article came out, my dad went to get his hair cut and there was a man there foaming at the mouth with rage about the column. It was supposed to be funny. That was a hard thing for a 19-year-old to deal with though and it put me off writing for a long time.

4. My career plan in High School was to be a rock star. FYI – I have no musical ability or talent whatsoever. In retrospect, this probably explains why I never did my homework in school.

5. I love superheroes and supernatural stories, movies, TV shows, etc. My current favorites are: Doctor Who, the Avengers, Star Wars, Supernatural (TV show) and anything by Joss Whedon. Owning an authentic Stormtrooper costume is on my bucket list.

6. I’ve never done drugs or smoked cigarettes. I’m not a prude but there was a lot of drugs in the neighborhood where I grew up and I hated the people who did them because they were jerks to me. I remember one man grabbing my shirt when I was a child and blowing marijuana smoke in my face and laughing as I freaked out.

7. I work for a mental health agency that used to have a locked psychiatric facility for adolescents. This facility is where I spent my first five years with the company. It was there that I participated in restraints, had a girl on all fours chase me and try to bite me while barking like a dog, and witnessed shocking acts by children and staff. I also learned the importance of boundaries with children and the complexity of mental health issues (huge understatement). I may also be slightly desensitized to many things now, including violence.

8. I played hooky from work so I could watch the first Harry Potter movie in the theater along with a few hundred kids. I love Harry.

9. My family is Jewish but I am agnostic. Not the lazy kind of agnostic who just doesn’t want to be bothered with thinking about spiritual issues. I’m just… open minded. Except when it comes to organized religion. Seriously, nobody has all the answers to the mysteries of the universe, that’s just stupid. We’re all going to have the questions answered when we die. Or we’ll just stop existing. But I’m hoping for the former.

10. I really didn’t think I could think of this many things to write about me.

Check back for updates as I think of more interesting things about me. Of course, that could be it…



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