Shyontology update and musings

  • Last week I saw someone in front of the Shyontology building killing weeds with a blowtorch.
  • Why don’t any of the cars in their parking lot have bumper stickers? My theory is that they are not allowed to enjoy anything outside of Shyontology but they don’t have Shyontology stickers because they don’t want their cars vandalized.
  • Today I walked past a young latina who seemed to be mopping the grass outside their building. She looked so startled when she saw me approaching that I later wondered if I should have asked her if she wanted help escaping.
  • Can Shyontologists go to Disneyland?
  • A couple of years ago there was a huge car accident in the street in front of our building. Several people from my office went out to comfort a woman trapped in her car until the emergency services arrived. A few Shyontologists arrived on the scene, offering their help as well (as well as some free passes to their Shyontology movie). I’m told that the woman was adamant that she did not need their help. In my imagination’s revision of the story she actually lifts the car off of her and runs away.

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