Take-Aways from Seattle

Last week I was in Seattle with my husband and daughter for a wedding and wanted to share some experiences and thoughts:

  • Planes should no longer have propellers on them – they are scary as shit!!! Partly because the ride is bumpier and partly because of the psychology of seeing the ancient propellers. My husband tried to soothe me by telling me they are “the greenest way to fly” to which I replied “fuck you!” (not really, but I was thinking it).
  • The Seattle Public Library is the most amazing place! They have a gift store and I spent more money there than anywhere else in Seattle.
  • Building: Seattle Central Public Library Designer: OMA and LGM Completion Date: May, 2004
  • Another cool places to visit is the Mystery Bookshop. Great place and the employees have a real love of books.
  • Pikes Place = Nope. Way to crowded and difficult to navigate through with a stroller. I wanted to just run people down in a road rage fervor. If you go into any sort of building in Seattle you will need to take at least two elevators to get to your destination. This includes the transit stations and airport.
  • Wish we could have gone to some trendy sections of Seattle. I heard that Broadway was very hip but we couldn’t quite figure out the bus schedule. Same with the zoo.
  • First street does have trendy shops and eateries. I had to buy a dress because I packed for cold weather and it turned out to be very warm. The shopkeeper in one store kept my husband and daughter entertained for so long that there was no way I could leave without buying something. I know, I know… twist my arm!
  • The people in Seattle are as nice as anyone in the south but without the scary nationalistic flip side. Everyone went out of their way to help us figure out the light rail and bus schedules. I even made small talk with people when standing in lines. The older I get, the more likely I am to talk with strangers but they don’t always reciprocate.
  • The tallest building in Seattle is the Columbia building and you can go up to the 73rd floor (second from the top) and check out the view (for a nominal admission fee). The locals recommend this over the Space needle since it is taller and has a Starbucks on the 40th floor. I can’t imagine working in a building so tall that your ears pop on the way up (again, two elevators). I felt dizzy from being so high up.  It was a clear day and the view was great but I was eager to get back to street level.
  • White people can dance. Our vacation included a side trip to Spokane for a wedding where I noticed only one non-Caucasian was in attendance. Great! I thought, I figured there wouldn’t be much action on the dance floor so I tried to perform my usual routine of embarrassingly bad dancing. However, these white kids could dance. Like, really, really well. I had to spend the rest of the wedding on the sidelines looking extremely not cool.

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