Getting some perspective with poop

Last week I was aggravated at work and sent an email to my friend, begging her to tell me a funny joke or story. Well, she came through like a champion:

“A few years ago while driving home from work I started getting a stomachache. I tried to get off the freeway to find a bathroom but traffic was all backed up and …. well, I didn’t make it in time. I was pretty far from home and couldn’t stand the idea of driving home like that. Desperate to clean up, I pulled in to a McDonald’s parking lot and took off my pants in my car. Then I realized there was no way I was going to put them back on and I had nothing to change in to. The only thing in my backseat was a moving box. So … I got out of the car and stepped in to the box and wore it like a skirt to take my stinky pants to the trash can. The fun didn’t end there. As I was walking to the trash can in my box, a truck slowly rolled by and I noticed the driver was taking photos of me on his phone.
“So, if someone every sends you a funny email with a photo of a woman walking around a McDonald’s parking lot wearing a brown box for a skirt … please don’t forward it because it’s me.”
I didn’t believe this really happened to her at first but she assured me it cost over $100 to get the inside of her car de-pooped.
I felt a million times better about my puny problems after hearing this story.