Just a few words about Caitlynn

I just want to say a few words about something I’m seeing around the interweb regarding Caitlynn Jenner. I’m happy to see that most people are very supportive of her, but there is an interesting phenomena of sneaky put-downs. I’m talking about Facebook Posts that say: “Akon provided free electricity to millions of Africans but you were to busy paying attention to Caitlynn Jenner to notice” or posting pictures of injured veterans because they are “real heroes” or criticizing ESPN for giving her an award over someone “more deserving”.

This. Is. Bullshit.

Caitlynn Jenner did something very brave that will help thousands of kids feel better about themselves. Lots of people do brave and heroic things and we do not do enough to honor them. But her actions do not take away from them. I don’t know how one heroic act can be measured against another but I am happy that we try to recognize those who do something really scary, especially knowing that they are inviting public scorn.

While Caitlynn’s transition is certainly going to be easier than a poor, transgender person of color, it is still a remarkable moment in history and a sign that we are becoming a more compassionate nation. Let’s not put her down because heroism is not measurable.


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