I call fallacy

Have you ever been reading about an issue like say, oh I don’t know… gay marriage- and in the comments section someone has written something along the lines of: “Why are we talking about this when children are dying in (name any part of the world)?”

This deflection always infuriated me. Should we be handling the world’s problems by order of importance and one at a time? And who creates this list of problems? Is it something we can vote on?

I never knew how to counter this non-argument until one day I came across someone who answered beautifully. By defining it (thanks to Wikipedia).

FALLACY OF RELATIVE PRIVATION: “In which it is suggested an opponent’s arguments should be dismissed or ignored, on the grounds that more important problems exist, despite these issues being often completely unrelated to the subject at hand.”

Oh, and people can, and do, care about more than one thing at the same time. At least, the cool ones do.


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