Big girl panties needed – STAT


Dear diary,

Sorry it’s been so long, but I returned to work from a long vacation today. Apparently the world exploded while I was gone. S told me in  several emails and a meeting that I fucked up and didn’t train my staff correctly and they’re all incompetent. I promptly apologized.



Dear diary,

My boss met with me today and told me that I wasn’t responding quickly or forcefully enough to personnel matters in my department. I immediately started crying and told her I was unhappy with my job.



Dear diary,

My sister visited us today. Yay! She informed me that one of my books is the same one that disappeared from her house years ago and she is taking it back. I said nothing. For the record, I stole it from my parents many years ago… then it disappeared from my bookcase… and reappeared at my sister’s house… so I took it back. I don’t think that counts as stealing though.



Dear diary,

How are you? Today I told our Administrator about a project I’m working on and he told me it was not approved and to stop working on it. I immediately said, “It was Angela’s idea!” and ran out to tell Angela that I just threw her under a bus.


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