My dystopian hierarchy

The Handmaids Tail - Read this so so long ago, can't remember anything except that it was worthwhile.  Need to read again.

I recently finished reading Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and holy crap. This book frightened and disturbed me more than anything Stephen King has ever written.

It is the tale of a dystopian future, but instead of everyone being split up into factions or sectors and fighting for their lives they went and enslaved all the women. You’re either a wife, a Martha (cook, maid, etc.), a handmaiden, a whore or they ship you off to clean up toxic waste. Or they kill you. The subject of this story is a Handmaiden (duh) and she’s not a badass and she doesn’t have psychic abilities. She’s just an ordinary woman whose daughter and husband were ripped away from her and now she is a vessel for breeding.

Fuck that shit. I would take any other dystopian future over this one. Give me ape overlords and zombies, I don’t care. But enslavement with no hope of seeing my loved ones again? Death first motherfuckers!

It’s scary because there are too many countries around the world who oppress women or anyone else they dislike. It wasn’t even that long ago that we had slaves in this country. All throughout history we see examples of enslavement, genocide, oppression, etc. We’re not evolved enough for me to rest easy.

The most horrifying thing about this book was that the new order of things was recent. She remembered having a life similar to ours where she worked, voted, shopped with her own money, had control over her own body…

Margaret Atwood is a genius and I just bought tickets to meet her at an event in October. I’m not sure if I’m going to gush all over her or tell her she gave me nightmares. Maybe I’ll just give her the list below of my dystopia hierarchy.

Dystopias in order of preference (with the most preferred future at the top):

  1. The Firefly Universe (remember, Earth couldn’t be inhabited any more)
  2. Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series (stupid humans done gone and blowed the Earth up, but the rest of the Universe was pretty cool)
  3. Panem (The Hunger Games)
  4. Divergent U.S.
  5. Planet of the Apes
  6. Maze Runner
  7. The Giver (I haven’t read this but I needed to make this list an even 10)
  8. The Walking Dead
  9. Rapture
  10. Gilead (The Handmaid’s Tale)

I haven’t read or seen every dystopian fiction so I realize there are many missing from this list. But I think it conveys the general idea. What does your list look like?


News of the Week – August 21, 2015

I frequently alternate between being obsessed and disgusted by the news. I am currently feeling disgusted with it and will not be posting any links. But here is a summary of what went down this week:

Donald Trump continues to be a disgusting racist racist sprinkled with a large dose of misogyny.

Ashley Madison users are dumb.

Hilary Clinton is her own worst enemy.

Jared Fogle WTF?!!

The drought is never going to end thanks to the Blob.

There are mutant treatment-resistant lice out there waiting for my daughter to start school.

Jimmy Carter is accepting his diagnosis more maturely than I ever could.


Let’s see, what else… Oh yeah, SOMEONE WAS MURDERED IN MY OFFICE BUILDING!!! At some point I’ll go into more detail about this but, to summarize – shit is scary and stuff.

Have a great weekend y’all!

News of the Week – August 14, 2015

Guaranteed Kardashian free!

White men with guns amass in Ferguson – I’ve read some interesting conversations regarding this group. On the one hand, if a group of black men showed up at a protest armed to the teeth you can be certain they would be immediately harrassed and arrested by the police. On the other hand, I’m hearing that the police were behaving themselves better around them. I’m not sure where this will end up in the final narrative.

A Nazi-Inmate Romance novel was actually written and published – When I first saw this story floating around I thought, “eh, it could have happened.” But Oh. My. G-d. It’s SO much worse than I could have imagined. You know why? Because I am not capable of imagining something so awful. Oh yeah, it was also nominated for an award.

And now Anne Rice is defending the above novel: Oh Anne, Anne, Anne…

Kiran Gandhi ran the London Marathon while bleeding freely (not using feminine hygiene products) – Whether you think it’s disgusting or not, there was a genuine point she was making and it has definitely raised awareness of period-shaming all over the world.

Let’s stop tolerating fat shaming – Do I need to say anything else?

This is why I buy PaperMate pens. – Seriously. This ad is from the same company who tried to sell us pens marketed to women by offering them in pastel shades (lavender or mint) and creating a “thin barrel to fit a woman’s hand.” 









Senior slams a slut-shamer on the London Tube! – She seriously needs a cape!

News of the week – August 7, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would try doing a weekly post where I share news stories that I found interesting. Because, why not?! Clearly everyone should be interested in what I’m interested in.

Gender Bias in Publishing – One woman writer’s story of what happened when she submitted the same material as both a woman and a man. Sadly, the results are exactly what you expect.

Donald Trump appeals largely to less educated americans – Duh.

Kermit finally gets out of his physically and emotionally abusive relationship – Hear that single ladies?

Book to screen adaptations – Forget about the weird CW version of Little Women – they’re casting Jennifer Lawrence as Rosie! I don’t know how I feel about this piece of casting. I mean, I love JLaw but I don’t know if she’s right for this role. But I’m just definitely happy they’re going to turn The Rosie Project into a movie. Yippee!!!

Get it together white people! – Probably the most important piece of journalism of our time.

Have a great weekend!!!