News of the Week – August 14, 2015

Guaranteed Kardashian free!

White men with guns amass in Ferguson – I’ve read some interesting conversations regarding this group. On the one hand, if a group of black men showed up at a protest armed to the teeth you can be certain they would be immediately harrassed and arrested by the police. On the other hand, I’m hearing that the police were behaving themselves better around them. I’m not sure where this will end up in the final narrative.

A Nazi-Inmate Romance novel was actually written and published – When I first saw this story floating around I thought, “eh, it could have happened.” But Oh. My. G-d. It’s SO much worse than I could have imagined. You know why? Because I am not capable of imagining something so awful. Oh yeah, it was also nominated for an award.

And now Anne Rice is defending the above novel: Oh Anne, Anne, Anne…

Kiran Gandhi ran the London Marathon while bleeding freely (not using feminine hygiene products) – Whether you think it’s disgusting or not, there was a genuine point she was making and it has definitely raised awareness of period-shaming all over the world.

Let’s stop tolerating fat shaming – Do I need to say anything else?

This is why I buy PaperMate pens. – Seriously. This ad is from the same company who tried to sell us pens marketed to women by offering them in pastel shades (lavender or mint) and creating a “thin barrel to fit a woman’s hand.” 









Senior slams a slut-shamer on the London Tube! – She seriously needs a cape!


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